What is Laterpay?

Laterpay is a service that simplifies payments on the Internet. In addition to the classic immediate purchase option, Laterpay also allows you to buy digital content such as articles or videos now and pay later.

How does ‘pay later’ work? Laterpay allows you to purchase digital content for even the smallest amounts without having to pay directly. You simply confirm that you want to pay later and then you can access the content you want. You don't have to register or provide payment details beforehand. Laterpay remembers all the purchases you make on your device and bundles them into one invoice. No matter which website Laterpay uses, you simply shop - and all purchases appear together on one Laterpay invoice. As soon as your tab reaches $5.00, we ask you to register. Afterwards you choose your preferred payment method. There are no fees for you; you only pay for what you actually buy.