I wanted to make a purchase, and I was asked to pay immediately. Why?

Either the Merchant made the item a “Pay Now” item or your outstanding tab of prior purchases has reached $5.

LaterPay offers our Merchants with three ways to sell their content, or to make Contributions and Donations:

1. “Pay Later”: Purchasing with LaterPay without entering your payment info. You only have to login and settle your invoice once you have accumulated $ 5.00 in purchases. Content providers usually offer this option for micro-payments (e.g., a single article for the price of $ 0.15).

2. “Pay Later (Login)”: Purchasing with LaterPay with prior registration/login. Content providers have the option to require a prior login for any "Pay Later" purchases. You still only have to pay once your LaterPay invoice has accrued $ 5.00.

3. "Pay Now" sales: These are purchases that you will have to pay for immediately. Content providers usually pick this option for more expensive content (e.g., downloading a whole issue for $ 3.00) or if a purchase causes immediate costs for the content provider (e.g., license fees for a video stream).

If you are asked to pay immediately as you are making a purchase, that’s a "Pay Now" purchase, and the content provider requires it to be paid immediately.