How will LaterPay handle my personal data?

LaterPay only collects personal data that is necessary to process your transaction.

Rest assured, LaterPay only collects personal data that is required by the law of financial services providers and information in order to process payments. This includes Know Your Customer federal banking laws and regulations to prevent money laundering.

If you are a LaterPay Merchant, we store the personal data that you provided during the registration process, as well as the bank routing number and account number that you have instructed us to pay.

If you are a LaterPay User, we store your billing address , part of your payment information (e.g., the last four digits of the credit card number you used), the purchased article title and the LaterPay Merchant you bought the article from. Any payment information is used exclusively for processing your purchases and payments.

Content providers only gain access to your data if you have bought content from them, or if you have made a Contribution or Donation to their organization. There are strong restrictions on what content providers are allowed to do with this data: They cannot share it with third parties unless you explicitly permit them to do so. And they are not allowed to use it to advertise any product category other than content.

There is a legal retention period for this data – once that has expired, the data will be deleted permanently and irretrievably. For more information about your privacy rights, contact us at