How does LaterPay work?

Merchants can sell articles and blog posts, as well as accept contributions and donations, for as little as five cents online. All you have to do is agree to pay later.

LaterPay offers an easy way for a Merchant (the person or company making the sale) to sell content or to ask for Donations and Contributions. With LaterPay, a Merchant can set the sales amount as low as a five cents without the burden of excessive fees on micropayments. LaterPay aggregates small purchases and handles any applicable fees.

LaterPay lets the Merchant maintain a high standard of user experience by allowing Users to pay later for the content they consume instead of disrupting the experience with a lengthy, upfront registration and payment process. The User simply agrees to pay the fee later when the total of purchases tops $5.00. This "Buy Now, Pay Later" approach makes it easy to click to buy (or donate), agree to purchase later, and then continue reading or viewing.