How do I use LaterPay in WordPress?

LaterPay has a WordPress Plugin that makes adding the LaterPay platform to your site easy.

There are two ways to use LaterPay in WordPress:

  1. The LaterPay WordPress plugin. Most people and companies find that the WordPress Plugin is more than adequate for their needs, so let’s start there.

Here’s how you get started with the LaterPay Wordpress Plugin:

  • First, download the LaterPay plugin for your WordPress site.
  • Sign up for a LaterPay Merchant Account.
  • Within three business days, LaterPay will approve your account.
  • Customize the LaterPay dialog to best match your site; define, in detail, a series of pricing options like subscriptions to specific categories, single post prices with dynamic pricing, and more.

Here’s a blog post that summarizes the features of the LaterPay Wordpress plugin.

2. The Connector Script. If you want more flexibility, click here to learn about our connector script, which can also be used with your WordPress site.