How do I add a Contribution or Donation button to an email?

In your LaterPay Merchant Dashboard, the Button Generator provides step-by-step instructions for creating a Donation or Contribution button for email.

Adding a Contribution or Donation button to an email is almost the same as adding a link. But there is a trick: almost every email sent today is an HTML email. Your email client (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) protects you from working directly with HTML by giving you an interface that acts like a word processor. You need to get “inside” the actual HTML of the email.

For Gmail, we recommend the Chrome extension HTML Inserter for Gmail™. This extension let’s you insert the HTML of a Contribution or Donation button easily.

For Microsoft Outlook on Windows, there’s Bells & Whistles for Outlook($29.95), which is designed to let you easily insert HTML into a Outlook email. For more information, see How to insert HTML code to Outlook emails.

Now, you can also create your Contribution or Donation button in the LaterPay Button Generator. Simply log in to your LaterPay Merchant accounts and go to the Button Generator.

Once you’ve followed the step-by-step instructions and have created a button, you will receive an email with the code for the button and a link. Just copy the entire block of code, starting with “<div…” and ending with “...</div></div>” and embed that HTML into your email.

Please note: the code for the button includes the inline CSS directives to give the link its button-like appearance and color. If you want to change the color of the button, change this part of code:

“background-color:#01a99d !important”,

replacing the color with a valid CSS value.