I don't see all my purchases in my user account.

If you can’t see all the purchases you made in your user account, this can be due to different reasons:

The purchases were made with a different device that wasn’t logged into your user account:
Should you have made any purchases with a different device not linked to your LaterPay user account there is a possibility that these purchases don’t show up in your user account. These purchases will be on a different device account. In order to keep track of all your purchases, and to be able to use your purchases across devices, please log into all your devices with your LaterPay user account which you have used to make purchases.

The purchases come from content providers in Europe:
Should you have bought content from a content provider in Europe, these purchases will appear on your LaterPay Europe invoice. LaterPay divides invoices by European and US content providers. If you want to see what you have bought from a European content provider, please log into your LaterPay Europe user account here:

Should problems persist, please contact us at support@laterpay.net.

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