There was an error in the payment process. How do I know I was debited through my payment method?

Your will be debited only once the payment process via your selected payment method was completed successfully.

You can tell from several factors if a payment was successful:

  •    You have received an email from LaterPay notifying you of the payment. If you have not received such a mail within 24 hours, please check your spam folder first.
  •    Your current invoice total will be displayed at the top right of your user account. If this sum displays as $ 0.00, your payment was successful. You can log into your LaterPay user account here.
  •    In your user account there is a section called ‟Invoicesˮ. That is where you can see all the invoices that you have settled so far. You can log into your LaterPay user account here.

If a payment process was not successful you were not debited, and you will be asked to settle your invoice again when you are about to make your next purchase with LaterPay.  

Please note that a payment process can fail several hours or even days after you initiated the payment, if there was a problem with the method you have chosen for instance. That is why an e-mail notification is not a final confirmation that a payment process was carried out successfully.   

Please click here for more information about your User Account.


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