What happens if I don’t like a purchase?

LaterPay will feature a process soon that enables you to delete content from your invoice if you are not happy with it. We want to make sure that you can buy content without a risk. But we also want to make sure that content providers get a fair remuneration for their content. Therefore we set up the following rules regarding the return of content:

1. Some content will trigger immediate costs for merchants, e.g. through license fees in the case of a video stream. Merchants have the right to exclude this type of content from the return process. In such a case you will get a clear warning before you make your purchase, so that you can decide for yourself whether you still want to buy that content.

2. We have a Fair-Use-Policy in place in order to make sure the content return process is used fairly: An algorithm will notice if a user returns content frequently over a longer period of time, and the ability to return content will gradually be scaled down for this user.

We want to keep both sides happy with this content return process, and we will therefore continuously work with both users and content providers to make sure it evolves in that direction.

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