How will LaterPay handle my personal data?

The only personal data LaterPay will store are the type of data that the law requires us to store as a financial services provider. We have to ask you for this data when you register, because anti-money laundering legislation requires us as a financial services provider to know the people we take money from. In addition we store your billing address so we can process your purchases, part of your payment information (e.g. the last four digits of the credit card number you used), and the purchased article.

Any payment information is used exclusively for processing your purchases and payments. Moreover, the purchasing process is strictly separated from the payment process at LaterPay. That way, not even the content providers you buy content from will have any immediate access to your data. Content providers only get access to your name and email address if you have bought content from them for at least $ 5.00 within a month. There are strong restrictions on what content providers are allowed to do with this data: They must not pass it on to third parties, and they are not allowed to use it to advertise any product category other than content.

There is a legal retention period for this data – once that has expired the data will be deleted permanently and irretrievably.

Please click here for more information on data security at LaterPay.


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