Do I have to register with LaterPay?

You will not have to register with LaterPay right away. You can shop conveniently with LaterPay, without having to register. As soon as you have bought a total of $ 5.00 worth of content, we will ask you to set up a free user account. We have to do that because as a financial services provider we are required by law to know the people we take money from.

For you there are definite advantages in a LaterPay user account:

  • All purchases at a glance
    In your LaterPay user account you can keep track of all your purchases, both in your current invoice and in invoices past. From the items on the invoice one click will take you to the site of the content provider where you bought them. 
  • Returning Content
    If you are not happy with a piece of content you have bought you will soon be able to return it through your LaterPay user account. (Please note that returning content is governed by our Fair-Use-Policy, which is designed to prevent abuse of the return process.)
  • Using content on different devices
    With a LaterPay user account you can use your purchases on several different devices. Even if you lose one of your devices one day, you still have access to the content you have bought through LaterPay. (Please note that content availability will always be determined by the content provider you bought the content from.)
  • Managing invoice data
    You can manage your invoice data in your LaterPay user account, and you don’t have to key them in every time you have to settle your invoice (when at least $ 5.00 is accrued). Of course you don’t have to save any payment data if you do not wish to do so.   
  • Downloading your invoice
    You can download all invoices you have already settled from your LaterPay user account

Please click here for more information on how LaterPay handles your personal data.

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