Can LaterPay be circumvented?

LaterPay uses the FairTrack System to remember purchases – and yes, like any other system that can be circumvented.

When we developed our system we wanted to strike a balance between user privacy, reliability for the content provider and simplicity of use.

LaterPay is based on the rationale that users are generally willing to pay for good content if it is convenient and simple to buy it. That is why we decided to give some priority to user privacy and simplicity of use over an absolute protection from fraud. Simply put, this means: A device (PC, tablet, smartphone) can indeed be manipulated with a certain effort so that it can circumvent payment through LaterPay. That is the price for simplicity of use, and we as well as the participating LaterPay content providers are prepared to pay it.

We have done our utmost to make a fair use of LaterPay as attractive as possible: We have made it possible for content providers to sell their content even for pennies. You as a user can easily go back to purchased content anytime, and with a free user account you can use your content on several devices. If you are not happy with a piece of content, there will soon be a simple process for you to return it.

While we have prioritized the advantages of fair use, we still have to try to prevent users from circumventing the system as best we can. So when we find that there are frequent problems with payments from a certain device we will have to ask that user to log in to their user account before they make another purchase with LaterPay.

In short: Yes, LaterPay can be circumvented. Yes, we do try to prevent users from doing that. But no, we don’t do it with all technological means there are, and we certainly won’t compromise user privacy in the process.  

Please click here for more information about LaterPay’s Fair-Use-Policy.

Please click here for more information on how LaterPay will handle your personal data.


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