Does LaterPay charge its Merchants any fees?

LaterPay only collects a flat 15% fee from completed purchases.

LaterPay does not charge any of the fees that you might be accustomed to when using other payment processors. There’s no monthly service charge. No setup charge. No charge for either initial technical support to set up your Merchant Account with LaterPay, or for ongoing technical support.

There’s no “maintenance” charge just because you have a LaterPay Merchant Account.

There’s no “chargeback” fees for chargebacks, which is when a customer disputes the validity of a charge for something they purchased. And there are no payment processing or payout fees to get your money.

The only fee LaterPay charges its Merchants is a percentage of each completed sale: 15% of the revenue that LaterPay collects for Merchants. For more info on LaterPay’s pricing, see this topic.

Custom pricing may apply for custom implementations.