Do I have to register with LaterPay?

No, not to start making purchases. Yes, when you've bought a total of $5 and you are paying your invoice. Registration is free.

One of LaterPay’s benefits is that you don’t need to register before you start purchasing content from LaterPay merchants. Once you have purchased$ 5.00 worth of content, we’ll ask you to set up a free User Account and pay your invoice.

There are several advantages to having a LaterPay User Account:

  • All purchases at a glance. In your LaterPay User Account, you can track all of your purchases. This includes your current invoice and past invoices. Clicking on the invoice item will take you to the site of the content provider where your purchase was made.
  • Your content is available on different devices. With a LaterPay User Account, you can view your purchases on several different devices. You can conveniently view your paid content from the comfort of your home, in the office, or while you’re on the go. (Please note: content availability will always be determined by the content provider.)
  • Managing invoice data. You can manage your invoice and payment information in your LaterPay User Account. Your payment info can be saved, which enables you to quickly settle your invoice (when $ 5.00 is accrued). Of course, you always have the option to not save your personal payment info and enter it when your invoice is due.
  • Downloading your invoices. You can download all of the invoices that you have already settled from your LaterPay User Account.